Universal’s Wok Experience

Yesterday evening, my girlfriend and I visited a restaurant that I’m now wishing I’d visited closer to 5 years ago. The Islands Dining Room, at Universal’s Loews Royal Pacific Resort, it turns out, is a hidden gem in the theme park world. On “select nights,” which seems to roughly translate to “most Fridays, and whenever we think it’ll be busy,” Islands Dining Room offers The Wok Experience. At this meal, for $24 per adult, you get all-you-can-eat made-to-order stir fry dishes.

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Orlando Escape Rooms

Recently, Orlando became home to several new attractions, all with the theme of “escaping” from a locked room by solving a series of puzzles and challenges. My girlfriend and I have quickly become big fans of these attractions, and I’d like to share our thoughts about them.

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What I Learned Working at a Theme Park

During this summer, while I continue to try to regain a position within the IT industry after being laid off last year, I took a seasonal job at one of the theme parks in Orlando (the idea being that it would be easier for a current employee to transfer into the company’s IT department – that didn’t so much work out for me, however). I was employed as a Photo Sales Clerk, primarily working at the shops that sell guests photos of the rides they’ve just been on. I’d like to share with you some of the things I learned over the summer, in the hopes that perhaps both guests and employees might get a glimpse of the other side of the uniform.

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