Disney Trip History

Below I will list all of my previous WDW and DLR trips. When possible, I will also post links to the Trip Reports I make for various trips. Most of these reports are posted to the newsgroup rec.arts.disney.parks, but I will copy and paste them here as well.

  1. December 2004, offsite, 4 days
    Kevin & Kelly gave me my first ever Disney experience when they took me to WDW as thanks for being their best man earlier that year.  I previously knew NOTHING about the place, but I was hooked the instant I got there.  I’ve been obsessed ever since.
  2. May 2006, Pop century, 10 days
    A year and a half later, I finally planned a return visit.  My college friends Dave and Teresa joined me for 10 days at Pop Century.
  3. October/November 2006, Pop Century, 10 days
    Kevin and Kelly were itching to return after our trip almost 2 years earlier, and we brought a big group down with us.  My then-girlfriend Christina, Justin and his girlfriend Amy, Chris & Sarah, and Kevin & Kelly and their kids Jasmine & Connor all joined me.  We celebrated my birthday while in the Most Magical Place On Earth too.
  4. December 2006, offsite, 2 days
    I had already randomly taken a Friday off, because I’d lose it if I didn’t use it before the end of the year.  Wednesday night, I somehow found myself on Priceline.com.  A few clicks later, and I had a spur-of-the-moment trip booked for that weekend.
  5. March 2007, offsite + Port Orleans, 10 days
    Josh and Charlene accompanied me this time.  We stayed at Josh’s parents’ time share for the first 7 nights, then moved over to Port Orleans Riverside for the final two nights.  Highlight of the trip – going on Kali River Rapids again and again with no line.
  6. May 2007, All Star Music, 3 days
    The annual pass I’d bought at the start of trip #2 was about to expire, so I decided to get one more use out of it before that happened.
  7. August/September 2007,  5 days, Pop Century
    When Disney announced Free Dining, I somewhat sarcastically posted to my AIM profile “Who wants to go to Disney with me this fall?” To my shock, my sister Jessica replied.  We spent a week gorging ourselves on far too much food, but having a great time.
  8. November 2007, 3 days, Pop Century
    I’d had so much fun being there for my birthday the previous year, I treated myself again.
  9. March 2008, 3 days, All Star Movies
    Even though Charlene and I had a trip planned for later in the summer, she decided she didn’t want to wait that long, and actually paid for us to go down to Disney, with less than a week’s lead time.  I’m still not convinced I’ve made it up to her yet.  We spent a *lot* of time at Pleasure Island….
  10. April 2008, 5 days, CandyCane Inn, Anaheim
    My first ever Disneyland trip.  Mike and Casey flew down from the San Francisco area, as we spent 5 days in Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.  I decided that I loved some of the attractions there more than their WDW counterparts, but as overall vacation experiences, there’s just no comparison.
  11. August 2008, 9 days, Pop Century/Beach Club Villas/Caribbean Beach
    Charlene and her niece Nyomi accompanied me on this resort-hopping trip.  It was exhausting, but absurdly fun.  We could have spent days in the Beach Club pool alone.
  12. September 2008, 6 days, All Star Sports
    After hearing Jessica’s positive reviews the year before, Mom and Dad told me to that if Disney releases the same offer again, I should book it for the three of us.  They did, and so I did.  They enjoyed it (and the Free Dining Plan) about 10 times more than I would have thought they would.
  13. December 2008, 4 days, Coronado Springs
    Charlene and I decided to head down to Disney to partake in all the special holiday stuffs.  The Christmas Party, the holiday tag on IllumiNations, the Candlelight Processional, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, the storytellers.  It was all wonderful!
  14. January 2009, 11 days, Pop Century
    I went down to Disney to run in the Circle of Life 5K during the WDW Marathon Weekend.  Jen was in Orlando on business, and so met me there for the first two days.  Then on the third day, Ange arrived, and we spent a week getting her obscenely addicted to Disney.  She is now worse than I am.
  15. September 2009, 11 days, Pop Century
    Lou Mongello rented out the Adventurer’s Club for one final Hooplah (HOOPLAH!), and Ange and I attended that meet.  After four days, Ange returned to Agawam, and Mom & Dad joined me for another Free Dining trip.  They continued to be extremely impressed.
  16. October 2009, 3 days, Caribbean Beach
    Without telling any family or friends, I registered for the Tower of Terror 13k race.  Completing it gave me the confidence to believe I would be able to complete the half-marathon 3 months later
  17. January 2010, 4 days Pop Century, 4 nights Disney Wonder
    Ange accompanied myself and my siblings Michael, Jessica, and Megan as the four of us ran in the Walt Disney World Half-Marathon.  It was bitter cold and raining, but we all finished (okay, that wasn’t really in doubt for them, but it was for me).  And then we celebrated by going on our first-ever Disney Cruise. Ange and I liked it so much that we booked our next cruise while onboard
  18. July 2010, 9 days, Pop Century
    I surprised my half-sister Amanda with her first ever Disney World trip. We had a blast. In addition to the four WDW parks and the water park and Downtown Disney, we also visited Universal Orlando’s two parks for the first time. It was an absolutely great trip, except for the heat, the crowds, and the Brazilian Tour Groups. Never again in the summer.
  19. September 2010, 5 days, Disneyland Resort
    I met Mike and Casey at Disneyland for 5 days, and successfully completed the Disneyland half-marathon. Whoo-hoo!!
  20. October 2010, 3 days, All Star Sports
    I took a quick weekend trip to meet Disney podcast hosts, run in a 5k, and listen to Audio Guides
  21. November/December 2010, 5 days Animal Kingdom Lodge, 3 days Boardwalk
    Ange and I went to WDW to celebrate the holidays, and I surprised Ange with an upgrade from Pop to AKL, and Disney made up for their screwups via an upgrade from All Star Movies to Boardwalk.
  22. January 2011, 5 days Coronado Springs
    I traveled with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, and completed my third half-marathon.
  23. February/March 2011, 4 nights Disney Dream, 4 days Pop Century
    Ange and I went with the WDW Radio folks to cruise on the all new Disney Dream, and followed it up with three nights at WDW.
  24. April 2011, 4 days offsite
    I took a weekend trip to Orlando to start looking for apartments to live in, as I’m moving to Orlando in August 2011, and met up with my cousin Anita and her family
  25. June 2011, 4 days, offsite
    I took what was supposed to be a second apartment hunting trip, but as I’d already found an apartment, it was simply a working vacation.

Current Totals:

23 WDW trips, 2 DL trips, 2 DCL trips, 152 days, 10 WDW hotels, 2 DCL ships, 26 co-vacationers