Another new restaurant plan

Nothing overly profound in this post.  Just a quick restaurant addition to one of my upcoming trips.

A couple days ago, Ange sent me an email containing links and information about the Garden Grove restaurant.  It’s a restaurant at the Swan, in the Epcot resort area.  It’s a buffet with three differnet menus, depending on the day of the week.  It also has two different characters, which also change with the day of the week.   Ange seemed very excited about this restaurant.  I initially said that our Nov/Dec trip is pretty well booked up, but it’s something we could look into for our post-cruise trip next March.

Later in the day, I was reviewing our plans for Nov/Dec.  On our arrival day, we’re going to Hollywood Studios.  The only things we’re really going for are the new Lotso meet-and-greet, and the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  DHS happens to be open until 10pm that night, for Extra Magic Hours.  So we’ll have plenty of time to see the lights.  And the Swan & Dolphin resorts are only a quick boat ride away from the Studios.  So I got online to the aforementioned online dining reservation system, and was able to get a dinner reservation at Garden Grove for our arrival night.  Very exciting. 🙂

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