FASTPASS® vs FastPass+

Now that the original incarnation of Disney’s FASTPASS has been laid to waste, FastPass+ is the only ride reservation system available in Walt Disney World. Go ahead, and take a moment to mourn the passing of FASTPASS. I’ll wait….

Rest In Peace, original FASTPASS®

Rest In Peace, original FASTPASS®

Ahem. Welcome back. On your next trip to WDW, you may very well be using FastPass+ for the first time. And it’s possible, if not likely, you haven’t been paying attention to FastPass+ since it started testing, as it hadn’t impacted you yet. Well, for starters, I encourage you to read up on my original post regarding MyMagic+ for a step-by-step walk through. But if you just want the executive summary of what are the changes from FASTPASS® to FastPass+, you’ve come to the right post.

I present to you this quick spreadsheet I made, outlining the differences between the two systems. All information is correct to the best of my knowledge, as of the publication date of this post, January 25, 2014. I welcome any comments, additions, and corrections you might have.

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