Quick status updates

So I seem to have five separate trips coming up in the next 6 months or so. That’s insane even for me. Here’s a quick update on the status of each trip:

Disneyland in 10 days: dining reservations have been made for World of Color and Fantasmic viewing packages. I’ve gotten instructions on how to pick up my Coast to Coast medal assuming I finish the race. I don’t think Mike’s actually figured out his air travel plans yet. Somehow I fail to be surprised at that. I think we also decided not to spend the additional cost on Universal Hollywood this time around.

Walt Disney World in October: I decided to register for the 5k race in the Magic Kingdom on Saturday morning. With the IllumiNations dessert party the evening before, I’m not convinced that was the greatest idea in the world…

WDW Christmas trip with Ange: all our dining reservations have been booked. Garden Grove, Le Cellier, Boma, and the Wishes Dessert party. We don’t have a plan for our final day yet, but I’m okay with that. The Candlelight Processional dinner package is supposed to go on sale this week. I’m still hopefully Stephanie will be able to convert our Le Cellier reservation to the CP package.

WDW Half Marathon in January: I’ve only raised 10% of my fundraising minimum. I sent out letters earlier this week to more or less every friend and family member I could think of (whose addresses I have). I’m hopeful that will get me closer. I tried calling Wal*Mart to see about selling stuff outside their doors, but they book that like 3 months in advance. I tried going to Crossgates this weekend to see about doing it there, but their marketing department is only open M-F 8-5, so I have to call them later this week. I’m not remotely convinced I’m going to be able to make this goal. :-/

Disney Cruise Line and WDW in Feb/March: The Disney Dream is coming along nicely. I can’t wait to see this ship. I wish MEI and Lou would stop teasing us and just tell us what they have planned. 🙂 Ange decided she wants to do the Castle breakfast again, so I’ve emailed Stephanie asking her to try to book that for the land portion of our trip. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Amy says:

    I know you can do it!

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